DAX Bridge TRC20 - Update


Hello Community.

We encountered an error in the program plug-in between Tron full node and solidity node. It was an unprecedented and last-minute discovery. Our team has identified the source of the issue and is working actively to implement a fix.

We understand initially we gave a 48hrs time frame for delivery but that estimation was initially calculated before our Dev’s encountered the issue.

For DAX to be successful, the team cannot take on every issue or attempt to identify or solve every problem by ourselves, which is why we will be forming a working group and empowering key network stakeholders to join us in our efforts to allow us to scale horizontally and in parallel so that we can all work together to drive the network forward effectively and efficiently. Once issues have been identified, we can then go back to the community with a broader understanding of our gaps, with an accompanying set of solutions.

The working group will create job opportunities for people within the DAX ecosystem, whether part-time, contract, freelancer, or full-time. Also having funding in place, and an appropriate timetable will provide the DAX developer ecosystem with the confidence of knowing that this is a long-term process, and they can plan accordingly.

One of the major challenges for blockchains, and really any tech project, is managing expectations. The market can be extremely impatient and often looks for instant gratification while not understanding that development is a long-term process. By providing the DAX community with a detailed roadmap, we have numerous deliverables to look forward to that can each generate discussion, anticipation, and buzz leading up to each release.

We are at the beginning of a long journey and DAX is still playing catch up, but we’re most certainly picking up speed. We have come to terms with what has held us back in the past. We’re encountering a new era of collaboration that will allow us to tear down major roadblocks that have previously and currently standing in our way.

Please be Patient and Thanks for your support

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